Are Used Cars From Waconia Ford Worthwhile?

Used Cars From Waconia Ford

It’s no big secret that when you’re looking for a great new car, the Ford brand is one you can trust. But all that history and reliability means something else, too: yesterday’s great new cars are today’s great used cars.

And if you’re look for a used car dealership near Minneapolis, you’ll find non greater than Waconia Ford. Here are just a few things to consider if a used car is in your future.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Think about what you look for in a car, whether it’s new or just new to you. It should be spacious and comfortable. It has to be safe. And you want it to be something you can count on for years to come.

You get each of those things from a used Ford car, truck, or SUV. But you get a little something extra, too.

The cost for used car financing is lower. Insurance doesn’t cost as much. And the last owner took on the bulk of the depreciation, so if you decide to resell a year or two from now, your vehicle retains more value.

Used or Certified Pre-Owned?

But you can easily turn a good value into a great one by considering a Ford Certified Pre-owned Vehicle under the Ford Blue Advantage™ program. The advantage of these vehicles is that they are newer. In turn, that means you’ll likely have access to newer tech features, better fuel efficiency, and more advanced safety features.

The cost is slightly higher, but the warranty and other program benefits mean that you get what you pay for (and then some).

Our Selection of Used Cars Near Minneapolis

Not looking for a Ford model? Stop by anyway! We offer great trade-in values, so people sell us their vehicles practically every day.

Besides our diverse selection, you’ll find specials on CPO models, and even a number of other used car specials.

Used Car Financing

Like a new car, used cars need financing. Used cars shine here too, because they’re a great way to build or rebuild your credit history if you keep your payments on time.

There are many used car dealerships near the Twin Cities. But Waconia Ford stands out, and not just for our used cars. We back your purchase with parts, service, and knowledge you can trust, so stop by today!