In car repair, as with so many other things, it helps to have the right tool for the job. So when do you need a body shop, and when will the Ford service center here at Waconia Ford be right for your needs?

Our Ford Service Center

The service center at a Ford dealership near me is equipped for the essentials, including auto maintenance, engine and transmission repair, and even some car damage. Maybe you’ve backed into your mailbox coming out of your driveway, taking out a taillight, or maybe a shopper at the grocery store was careless with their shopping cart and took out your side mirror. Repairs like those can be taken care of in our service bays.

What to Do When You Need a Body Shop

Body shops are set up differently and cover a different range of needs. Besides body work like dent removal, they’ll assist with frame straightening, upholstery, auto glass, restorations, paint, and other repairs a dealership won’t handle. Making sure you’re getting the right fit means asking the right questions.

  • Check reviews and references. We can help with this.
  • Make sure the body shop you choose can handle what you need; a shop that’s good at working on newer Ford models may not have the expertise to restore a classic Ford Mustang, for instance.
  • See if the body shop will help you deal with your insurance company; this is especially important if you insist on OEM Ford parts for your repairs.
  • Don’t allow any work to proceed without a written quote that includes the scope of work, materials, labor, and deductibles.
  • Ask how the collision center warranties their work.
  • Remember that you can always get a second opinion, which is especially important if your first stop is evasive in answering your questions.
  • Also remember that quality often costs, but it’s best — safer, and often less expensive — to get the job done right the first time.

A Helping Hand for All Your Automotive Needs

Waconia Ford may not have an on-site collision center, but we’re still here for a wide range of automotive needs. Remember, good maintenance — new Ford tires, brake maintenance, steering inspections, and the like — and other items like winterizing your vehicle are extremely important. Beyond smooth starts and efficient operation, maintenance ensures sharp handling, quick stops, and a safer drive. That way, your vehicle runs better, lasts longer, and hopefully never needs that body shop. Questions? Call, click, or stop by today.