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Whether you’re on the search for Ford financing support, Waconia Ford has you covered. We make it easy to find that perfect car, truck, or SUV to fit your driving needs, all at the right price to fit your budget. Find out how you can finance a pre-owned Ford vehicle and save big at our dealership today.

Can I Finance a Pre-Owned Car?

There are many benefits to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, including big savings. That means financing is easier than ever since you’ll have a lower down payment, lower monthly payments, and smaller in-between costs like insurance and sales tax. You’ll even enjoy a smaller rate of depreciation, which means your vehicle will maintain more of its value for future sales.

You can finance a pre-owned vehicle much the same way you can finance a brand-new car. When financing pre-owned, you want to do your research to make sure that financing is a better option than purchasing in cash. Otherwise, here are some of the steps you’ll want to take on the pre-owned vehicle financing process:

  • Check Your Credit Score: Your credit score can have a big influence on what terms and options are available to you. Check your credit score before financing, so you know what models will match your budget.
  • Do Your Research: You have many different options when it comes to financing a vehicle, like national banks, credit unions, and local lenders. You’ll want to research both the type of vehicle you like and the best lender for your budget.
  • Compare Offers: Once you have financing offers for your pre-owned Ford model, pick the best one for your financing needs. Compare term length, interest rate required down payment, and more.

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