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When it comes to the Ford parts that will keep your vehicle operating at maximum capacity, Waconia Ford has you covered. We believe that a little service and car care can make a big difference. That’s why we’re sharing all you need to know about maintaining your vehicle at home, and the best Ford parts to keep around.

Ford Parts to Have on Hand

Ford service and care can help to keep your vehicle safe, efficient, and comfortable on every ride, and the right parts for the job are available here at Waconia Ford. Keep these essential pieces on hand for your vehicle’s safety and protection:

Oil Filter and Oil: Routine oil changes are key to vehicle health. Oil keeps the engine systems lubricated and cool, as well as collecting dirt and debris which kicks up from the road. The oil and filter will need to be cleaned when they get saturated, every 5,000-10,000 miles.

Air Filter: In addition to the oil filter, the air filter collects grime before it has the chance to damage the engine. The oil protects the car from the road dirt, and the air filter protects the engine from the dirt in the air. Air filters should be changed or cleaned around every 15,000 miles.

Windshield Wipers: Windshield wipers are essential for safe driving, especially in inclement weather. You’ll want to keep them on hand in the event your wipers become damaged or worn during a snowstorm or rainstorm.

Spare Tire: Every vehicle should have a spare tire in the event of damage. More importantly, you’ll want to make sure that the spare tire is as well-maintained as the tires currently on your vehicle. That way, if you ever need the part, you’ll know it’s in good shape.

Find these great Ford parts and a whole lot more here at Waconia Ford. Visit our dealership to get the parts, accessories, and Ford service your vehicle deserves today.

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