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The Ford Service Center here at Waconia Ford is dedicated to protecting, maintaining, and caring for your vehicle no matter what the next ride might bring. Not only do we provide parts and services that you can rely on, but we’re also sharing all the information you need to keep your vehicle running right. That’s why we’re answering some of your pressing service FAQ today.

Service FAQ

The more you know about routine car service and care, the easier it is to keep your vehicle safe. Here are some of your top service questions answered in Waconia.
  • Why is Service Important? Routine service and car care will help to keep your vehicle safe, reduce the need for costly repairs, improve vehicle efficiency, and help you maintain vehicle value. It also improves ride comfort.
  • What Is Included in Regular Service? Regular service tasks include oil changes, tire rotations, battery inspections, brake pad replacements, and fluid fill-ups.
  • How Often Do I Need Car Service? Different service tasks should be scheduled at different times, depending on your environment and the type of driving you do. Consult your owner’s manual and speak with our expert service team to determine when to schedule your next service appointment.
  • Why Should I Schedule Service at Waconia Ford? Waconia Ford is the Ford service center you can rely on. Our technicians are factory-trained and we use OEM parts to keep your vehicle running right. We also offer specials and deals on parts and services.
  • How Can I Get Started? It’s easy to schedule your next service appointment at Waconia Ford right here on our website. Schedule the care you deserve from the comfort of home today.
Learn more about routine Ford service and schedule your next appointment at Waconia Ford to get the Ford care you can rely on today.

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