How To Buy Used At Waconia Ford

No one tells you quite how much research, time, and effort goes into buying a car whether it’s new or used. There are even some extra things to take into consideration when purchasing used cars. Luckily we’re here to share our top four tips for when you’re shopping used at Waconia Ford. When you visit our dealership, we can help you out from start to finish, so come in today and look at what we have to offer!

Research models and pricing

First, it’s always a good idea to have a model or two and some specific features in mind when buying used. Then, it’s important to know the full range of pricing for the used Ford car you’re looking to purchase. Look into what it costs brand new and what it tends to go for used at other locations to help you know whether or not you’re paying what you should for your used vehicle. When you’re ready to make the purchase, Waconia Ford can even help you out with Ford financing so that you find a perfect payment plan.

Test drive the vehicle

The only way to get a full understanding of the way a Ford vehicle runs is by getting behind the wheel yourself. Once you’re able to hit the gas, you’ll be able to find out if it has any quirks or inconsistencies that may not be acceptable for you. On the other hand, you may find that the smooth ride is exactly what you were looking for when you set out to get a car that’s new to you.

Ask about vehicle history reports

Things like CARFAX™ vehicle reports are excellent resources for people who may have some hesitations buying used. The reports give a detailed history of any repairs and maintenance made on the car you’re looking to purchase, like if it’s ever been in a major accident. When it comes time for you to keep up with the car’s maintenance, the Waconia Ford service center makes it easy for you to schedule things like oil changes and tire rotations.

Consider Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles

If you’re really looking for new-car quality, Waconia Ford offers a range of Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. All of the Ford vehicles with this title have important mileage and year maximums, rigorous inspections, and top-notch warranties that make them nearly as good as new.

Come into Waconia Ford today! Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help answer any lingering questions you may have.