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What makes the Ford service at Waconia Ford really stand out from the competition? We’re the team you can trust for seasonal car care all year long, as well as high-quality parts and accessories that will keep your vehicle running right. And that’s not all. We’re also sharing tips and tricks for driving safely in even the most inclement winter weather.

What Should I Do If I Get Stuck in the Snow?

When it comes to safe winter driving, winter tires and emergency car kits can make a huge difference. You also want to know some methods for getting traction and getting your vehicle out on the road. These steps can help you if your vehicle gets stuck in the snow.
  • Check Your Surroundings: While it’s usually safer to remain in your vehicle, always check your surroundings after your vehicle gets stuck. If the location isn’t safe, get to a clear spot before calling for help.
  • Go Back and Forth: Rocking can be a useful way to get your vehicle unstuck from a snowbank or icy location. Very carefully drive forward and then reverse, taking care not to floor the gas pedal. If you notice one or more tires is spinning, stop the process.
  • Add Traction: Vehicles often get stuck because they can’t get traction. You can add traction below your tires with the floor mats from your vehicle or kitty litter from your winter emergency driving kit.
  • Push the Vehicle: Sometimes the best way to get your vehicle out of the snow is to push. Be very careful during this process and make sure you communicate with everyone on your team to keep everyone safe.

For more information on safe winter driving and to get the Ford winter service you can rely on, come down to Waconia Ford. Schedule a service appointment today.

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