While we do of course carry brand-new Ford vehicles at our dealership, we also have a varied selection of used cars as well. What some of our customers do not realize is that we offer both used vehicles and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and that there is an important distinction to be made between both. We want our customers to walk into our dealership with the knowledge and confidence of what we offer so they can leave Waconia Ford with the perfect vehicle.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Used Vehicle

A lot of our customers come in with their mindset on buying a particular vehicle or at least a vehicle in a particular condition. The benefits of a new vehicle are obvious – our customers are paying for a vehicle that’s in perfect condition and has the most modern features and amenities. If a customer wants a Ford Edge with up-to-date features, they’ll likely be considering a new vehicle.

On the other hand, used vehicles have their own benefits. Although you must consider the mileage and the age of a vehicle when browsing a used vehicle inventory, the key benefit is that this is compensated with lower and more affordable prices. For our customers who don’t need the modern amenities or bells and whistles of a new Ford vehicle, searching for a used Ford vehicle for sale is a perfect option.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is another option for our customers, and it nicely fits in-between new vehicles and used vehicles. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must pass a thorough inspection, not be older than a certain number of years, or have surpassed a particular number of miles. Due to the better condition and helpful additions tied to it such as a limited warranty and reward points to use towards your first maintenance visits at our Ford service center, the prices will also sit between a used vehicle and a brand-new vehicle.

Come on Down and See What We Have!

We believe that it’s important to offer as many choices as possible for our customers. Between our new vehicles, the older used cars, and the Certified Pre-Owned Ford trucks that will feel just like a new one, we’re confident that we have what you want. Take some time to give us a visit here at Waconia Ford so we can help you find your next vehicle!